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Project Experience

List of Projects

  1. Structural design of 60MW Diesel/Heavy Fuel power plant, USAID. Design of foundations for all equipment and buildings, tank farm, unloading stations, administration building, and substation. (Caterpillar engines, Areva equipment)
  2. TransAlta Energy Corporation, Windsor Cogeneration Plant. Design of foundations of the combustion turbine, steam generator, gas compressor and heat recovery steam generator including vibration analysis. Design of the power house building, stack and miscellaneous tanks.
  3. Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Newport Beach, CA. Structural Design of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System, Marsh Landing Generating Station, California.
  4. MAN Diesel Canada, Design of the cooling system for a 49MW power plant running on Heavy Fuel Oil.
  5. Bruce A Nuclear power generating station, Ontario, Canada. Design and seismic qualification of a Rapid Deployment Module (RDM). The RDM will be mounted on the Reactor Area Bridge (RAB) for reactor maintenance activities with the fuelling machine carriage removed. The RDM is intended to carry and protect workers performing the West Shift procedure on Bruce A Unit 3 fuel channels
  6. Evaluation of snow drift and snow accumulation on flat roof loading due to installation of Solar panels. This evaluation was performed for a commercial building in Bracebridge, Ontario. The solar photovoltaic panels are to be mounted on flat roof. Each panel is elevated on four steel posts; two short front posts of 3 feet height, and two back posts of 6 feet height. The direction of inclination of the cells as well as the windward effect on the formation of the snow drift below the solar panel was taken into considerations.
  7. Babcock and Wilcox Canada, Boiler Island, Suralaya Steam Power Plant, Indonesia. Three dimensional dynamic analysis of the structure supporting a 600MW coal fired boiler and related equipment. Derivation of ground and floor response spectra for the structure. Complete detailed design of the boiler house including platforms, vertical and horizontal bracing, beams and columns. Instrumental in reducing the steel weight from 20000 tonnes to 18000 tonnes. Involved in co-ordination of work with steel fabricator and preparation of detailed bill of material, fabrication and erection specification for the boiler structure and coal silos.
  8. Ontario Hydro, Lambton Thermal Generating Station Rehabilitation. Design of new main control room, dock hopper facility and water treatment facility. Design of structural steel and reinforced concrete supporting different equipment and vessels including the stacker reclaimer track. Design of reinforced concrete dyke wall and slab containment of fuel tanks. Three dimensional analysis of the boiler suspension structure.
  9. Foster Wheeler, Structural design of 20 Heat Recovery Steam Generators in North America and overseas.
  10. Pneumafill Corp. Seismic design of a filter house and its supporting structure, Russel City, California)
  11. Structural design for new/upgrade of 24 substations. (Areva)
  12. Pneumafill Corp. Seismic design of a filter house, Marsh Landing, California)
  13. Jungbunzlauer Canada, Structural, mechanical and electrical design of a 40,000 square feet warehouse, Ontario, Canada.
  14. Innovative Steam Technologies, structural design of HRSG's, Nova Scotia. Turkey, Italy, Alaska.
  15. Design Review of the Wind Turbine Foundations, RES Greenwich Wind Farm THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO. The wind farm consists of six wind turbine sites.
  16. Perform Quality Assurance for the construction of the Wind Turbine foundations for the RES Greenwich Wind Farm, THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO.
    • Review and inspect the installation plans and procedures
    • Review of formwork
    • Review of rebar placement
    • Review of concrete slump and placement
    • Review of Anchor bolt placement
    • Write reports documenting the work
  17. Babcock and Wilcox Canada, Preliminary design and structural steel weight estimate of the boiler island. (Mustus Biomass power boiler, Lecrete, Alberta)
  18. Babcock and Wilcox Canada, Removal and re-installation of two heat exchangers, Bruce Nuclear Power Plant.
  19. Confidential client, acting as owner's engineer for an EPC 30 MW biomass power plant in Ontario.(2009 to 2012)
  20. Pneumafil Corp, Structural design of a filterhouse support structure, Hawaii.
  21. Seimens Energy Inc., Structural design of a filterhouse.
  22. Mikropul Canada, Structural design of a 50 feet high scrubber.
  23. Structural design of 15 meter high storage rack for seismic zone 3, Panama.
  24. Design of equipment bases at Sunnyside wasterwater facilities, Washington State.
  25. Lifting lug design for major equipment at FCCU, Baytown, Texas.
  26. Renovation of a warehouse building in Edison, NJ.
  27. Babcock and Wilcox Canada, Salahuddine Steam Power Plant. Preliminary design and structural steel weight estimate of the boiler island.
  28. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, Korean nuclear power plant. Nonlinear heat transfer and stress analysis of piping components.
  29. Petro Canada Products, Oakville Refinery, Design of piperack and miscellaneous equipment foundations. Finite element analysis of the reactor shell. Heat transfer and stress analysis of an asphalt tank.
  30. Petro Canada Products, Clarkson Refinery, Seismic analysis and wind induced oscillation analysis of 180' tall stack with inside brick lining. Helical spoilers were used to reduce vibration.
  31. Research and Development program to reduce the fabrication cost of large size industrial ductwork and platework. The program consisted of a numerical solution using finite element analysis and a full experimental program. A series of 6 tests were performed. In each test, strain gauges and LVDT were attached to locations of interest. Then, the strains and vertical and horizontal deflections were recorded as a function of the applied loads. A comparison between the experimental and numerical results were then performed and the FEA model was calibrated. A video is available showing the progress of the experiment. Fabrication cost reduced by 3%.
  32. Developing a new structural system. Working on the development of a new structural system. The system will be fabricated out of steel plates. The objective of the new system is to maximize the shop work and minimize the field erection work. The system has additional advantages over the conventional system and will result in an overall reduction in cost.
  33. FCCU Revamp, Irving Oil Refinery, Saint John, New Brunswick. Modification and strengthening of existing precast concrete piperack to support additional piping and cables. Three dimensional analysis of existing multilevel reactor regenerator structure to accommodate new reactor. Design of foundations for towers varying in height from 20 to 140 feet. Analysis and design of all equipment foundations. Design of concrete elevated structure for 6000 hp and 15,000 hp compressors.
  34. Ontario Hydro, Rehabilitation of Hydro Electric Plants, Finite element analysis of the penstock transition steel liner plate. Analysis was performed to optimize the required anchorage to the concrete and to achieve acceptable stresses and deflection in the liner plate.
  35. Innovative Steam Technologies, structural design of 50 Once Through steam generators in North America and Overseas.
  36. Innovative Steam Technologies, Structural design of Enhanced Oil Recovery Boilers (EOR).
  37. ExxonMobil, Structural design of high temperature Selective Catalytic reduction system.
  38. GE International Power Systems, 115 feet tall exhaust stack.
  39. 120 feet tall stack for Arco Mix Project, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
  40. 130 feet tall ByPass stack for Vogt Nem, Genelba, Argentina.
  41. 90 feet tall stack for Seimens Power Corporation, Alabama.
  42. 130 feet stack for Austrian Energy, Germany.